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Reiki Workshops

Begin your spiritual path with self healing through the practice of Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy). Empowering self to heal emotionally, physically and energetically.



Upcoming Workshops

Please note that you will need to attend my Intuition Training before signing up for Reiki Levels 1 & 2. For more information, please contact me directly as the details are not added to my website yet. 

Intuition Training - 13th July 2024, 10.30AM to 6.30PM

(Total Duration: 7 Hours)

Reiki Level 1 - 27th July & 3rd Aug 2024, 1PM to 6PM

(Total Duration: 10 Hours)

Reiki Level 2 - 21st & 27th Sep 2024, 1PM to 6PM

(Total Duration: 10 Hours)

Reiki + Sound Healing Workshop (Optional Curriculum)

6th of Oct 2024, 1PM to 6PM

Note: Maximum class capacity is only up to 8 students. Please book now to reserve your spot.

What will you learn?





  • Basic aura cleansing techniques.

  • Understanding & discovering the Clair Senses.

  • Basic Channeling skills to connect with Divine Spirit Guides.

  • How to set light and energy protection.

  • Understanding the importance of psychic rules, energy boundaries and how to be responsible for your own energy.

  • Introduction & history of Usui Reiki

  • Understanding the "Auras & The Chakra System".

  • Receiving 4 attunements to clear and balance your chakra system to have the ability to send the Reiki healing energy through your hands.

  • Learning the 12 hand positions for healing self and others.

  • Methods of energy clearance and charging on food, space, things, crystals, plants, animals and etc.

  • Connecting to different healing positions intuitively.

Distance Healing




  • Learning the 3 Reiki symbols to empower and boost your Reiki healing abilities. 

  • Receiving 2 attunements to clear and balance your chakra system to have the ability to use symbols for distance healing.

  • Learning the distance healing methods.

  • How to set healing intentions to heal situations.

  • How to set up "The Reiki Crystal Grid" to send the healing energies on your behalf.

  • Learn how to cleanse and recharge crystals with Reiki Symbols.


All students must have completed Intuition Training & Reiki Level 1 with me before signing up for Reiki Level 2.

Intuition Training

Date: 13th of July 2024

Time: 10.30AM to 6.30PM

Total Duration: 7 Hours

This is a compulsory program before signing up for the Reiki Level 1 Workshop.


Reiki Level 1

Course Date: 27th July & 3rd Aug 2024

Time: 1PM to 6PM

Total Duration: 10 Hours


Energy Exchange: SGD880

Reiki Level 2

Date: 3rd & 17th Sep 2023

Time: 1PM to 6PM

Total Duration: 10 Hours

Energy Exchange: $450

Reiki + Sound Healing Workshop

(Optional Curriculum)

Date: 6th of Oct 2024

Time: 1PM to 6PM

Total Duration: 5 Hours

Energy Exchange: $288

What is Usui Reiki?


Dr Mikao Usui

Usui Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique founded by Dr. Mikao Usui in the mid 1800’s. He was a professor and head of Christian studies in the University in Kyoto, Japan. When asked by his students how Jesus did healing, Usui began a ten year quest to find and learn the skill.

When Christian authorities were unable to help him, he sought the information through Buddhist writings, as Buddha had also performed healing. He learnt to read Sanskrit, the ancient scholarly language of India and Tibet, to study the Buddhist Sutras. He found the symbols but did not know what to do with them and how to use them.

Dr. Usui fasted and meditated for 21 days on a sacred mountain known as Mt. Koriyama, some 17 miles from Kyoto. In the very early morning of the last day, he saw a projectile of light coming towards him. The light struck his third eye and he lost consciousness for a while.  Then he saw "millions and millions of rainbow bubbles" and finally the Reiki symbols as if on a screen. As he saw each of the symbols, he was given information about each of them to activate the healing energy. It was the first Reiki attunement, the psychic re-discovery of an ancient method.

He left Mt. Koriyama knowing how to heal as Buddha and Jesus had healed. Walking down the mountain, he experienced what is traditionally known as the four miracles. First, he stubbed his toe walking, and instinctively sat and put his hands on it. His hands became hot and the torn toe was healed. Next, he reached a house that served pilgrims at the bottom of the mountain. He asked for a full meal, not wise after 21 days fasting on water, but ate it without discomfort. Third, the woman serving the meal was afflicted with a toothache and placing his hands on the sides of her face, he healed her pain. When he returned to the monastery and was told that the director was in bed with an arthritis attack, he also healed the monk.

Thus, started the Usui System of Natural Healing or Usui Shiki Ryoho, which includes The Five Reiki Principles.

Dr. Usui went to the vast slums of Kyoto for several years where he healed the beggars so that they could earn a proper living. He noticed that beggars he had healed earlier returned to begging. They found it too hard to work for a living and did not like the responsibility. He felt himself to be a great failure and he left the slums. He withdrew to meditate and realized that healing the physical body alone was not enough. One also had to pay attention to the state of mind. He also realized that by giving away Reiki so freely, the beggars had no appreciation for it, no gratitude.

Thus, he developed The Two Working Principles of Reiki:

  1. The healee must ASK for healing.

  2. There should be an exchange of energy for services rendered.


Just For Today
I Will Let Go Of Worry


Just For Today
I Will Let Go Of Anger


Just For Today
I Will Be Kind To Every Living Thing


Just For Today
I Will Give Thanks For My Many Blessings


Just For Today
I Will Live My Life Honestly 


Chakra Balancing with
Crystal Enhancement

Reiki is non-denominational.

It is not a religion. It is used only as a means to bring harmony and balance to oneself and others. The Reiki practitioner is only a channel for the energy healing process to occur. Reiki cannot do harm, as it is guided by the Divine Consciousness. 

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is composed of two Japanese words: Rei and Ki. The name and symbols are from the Japanese alphabet, Kanji.

Rei - 

The top symbol means 'universal energy of the Divine Mind'. It is Ray I, the will of Divine Mind of the Master Creator. It is the supernatural knowledge or highest Spiritual consciousness. It is the all-knowing God Consciousness, the King's Mind, the Universal Mind Energy, for us it means source of Unconditional Love with Wisdom and Life.

- Ki

The bottom symbol is the vital life force or breath of life. It is the pure light of Universal Energy which generates life. All cultures have a name for it: Chi in Chinese, Prana in Sanskrit, Mana in Hawaiian, Light, bio plasma, orgone, etc. It is the 'nonphysical' energy that animates all living things.


Reiki is taught differently from other healing techniques.

The Reiki is acquired through a series of energy attunements. The attunements or ‘initiation process’ involves an ancient method of tuning the physical and etheric bodies to a special link to the universal energy so that the practitioner’s energy does not interfere. The attunement process ‘opens’ the crown, heart and palm chakras creating a special link between the student and the Reiki source. The ability to Reiki is linked to the student by a Reiki Master through the attunement process. The process is guided by the God Consciousness and is attended by Reiki guides and other spiritual beings who help implement the process. During the tuning “many report having mystical experiences involving personal messages, healings, visions and past life experiences," quoted, Bill Hauw, Reiki Master. An attunement can also be done through distance while while the master is not physically in the room with the Reiki student.


Anyone can learn Reiki

It is not dependent on mental acuity, special talents or abilities. Once understood and attuned, Reiki is easily practiced by anyone. It requires the practitioner to use their hands on or above the healee with 'the intention of healing'. The Reiki energy flows automatically. It is directed by the client’s higher self. As Reiki is a pure form of healing, the healer’s personality is less likely to interfere with the experience. The object of the healer is to remain in a state of open detachment, calm and relaxed. 

Reiki is passed through the hands and can be given to oneself

In fact, it is important to do Reiki on oneself, for in healing oneself you become stronger, gain greater personal empowerment and enlightenment into the life-energy-process.

Reiki is spiritual in nature

However, it carries no dogma and is not a religion. There are no special beliefs to hold in order to perform Reiki. It works with beliefs or no beliefs. Many practitioners develop a deeper understanding of and connection to their religion through their experience while practicing Reiki.

Usui Reiki

What are the benefits of Reiki?


Reiki Attunement

Our thoughts are forms of energy.


It affects our own personal life force energy. When we think negative or disruptive thoughts, this attracts that same energy to us. This is one of the energy laws. Negative energy disrupts our force fields.


The first area affected is in the aura, that is, the outer energy fields of our body. It is in these fields that the first signs of illness occur. This effect the flow of our life force, which will eventually affect the physical body and cause problems and disease.


Positive thoughts are always part of any healing process. Reiki aids in affecting a positive exchange of energy within the energy fields. Reiki sends a positive charge of healing energy, which boosts and directs this Universal Life Force to affect the clients' life force, to create a healing.

Reiki has aided in healing illness & injuries


From serious problems like heart disease, and cancer to skin problems, broken bones, colds fatigue, insomnia, poor memory, etc.


It can always be used to improve the effectiveness of other types of therapies. The treatment can have side benefits, such as upliftment, passed life experiences, altered states of consciousness, spiritual experiences, greater personal awareness, etc.


Cho ku rei
The Power Symbol

Lori, Reiki 1 & 2 Student

I chose Fiona as my Reiki Master because I felt the effect of Reiki when she did it for me. The Usui Reiki 1 & 2 Workshops helped me become more mindful of my emotions and energies. I now have the abilities to heal myself. I sometimes have low confidence, and I am also trying to get pregnant. So I have been healing and working on my Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras since the Reiki Attunements. I learned that self-healing is empowering because you identify a part of you that needs healing and you work on it, shifting your energy from something negative to something positive.

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