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My shaman store is open!

Dear Clients & Friends,

Thank you for visiting my website!

Some of you may not know the many modalities that I work with. Let me share a quick one with you.


I am a Reiki Master, Vedic Astrologer, Afterlife Medium, Sound Healer, Cacao Ceremonialist, Akashic Channeler and Yin Yoga Teacher.

I also now run the Singapore Innerdance community. This is by far my favourite modality and I feel that it is the most profound practice I have worked with. More Innerdance sessions will be available in my upcoming ceremonies and private sessions are available as well.

My mission is to initiate others into their spiritual journeys and life purposes. I have been contemplating the expansion and growth of my healing work. It has been a process for me to recalibrate how I want to serve you as my utmost authentic self. For me, it has always been about the depth and quality of my healing work, over having tons of clients without depth.

I hope you stay patient with me while I take a little bit more time

to revamp the service page of my website.

For any enquiries on my healing services, please feel free to connect via my contact details below. Thank you!

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