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Afterlife Mediumship

Healing your grieve by reconnecting with your deceased loved ones.

Event Details

The intention of the session is to assist in getting closure and aid the grieving process of a beloved ones passing. During the mediumship session you will get to ask your deceased loved ones various questions to gain the peace and clarity you need to heal a broken heart. Fiona will be the channel and medium to help you connect with your deceased loved ones. Every mediumship session can turn out very differently. This mediumship method does not limit to any forms of religious beliefs as it is part of the Universal Law and Akashic Records. Fiona will call in Divine Spirit Guides (E.g. Guan Yin, Shiva, Jesus, Archangels and etc...) to assist in connecting to the different spiritual realms. Only through divine guidance can we connect to the deceased loved ones purest energy. It also depends on the deceased spiritual beliefs when they were alive. Fiona uses her clairvoyant, clairaudience and clair-empathy abilities to receive messages. She sees scenarios, images and situations, hears voices and words, and feel the emotions of the deceased loved ones. She connects with the souls of the deceased with love, kindness and compassion with the intention of helping them move into light. In rare cases, Fiona also works with patients in coma. She connects with the coma patient's soul before the family member decides to pull the plug. This is to help the living gain clarity and closure before letting go. Some clients of Fiona are souls who did not share their last wishes clearly because of sudden deaths. Which leave the living loved ones confused and lost. Do note that she may not take in certain suicidal cases but she can recommend the right medium you can work with. Please reach out to Fiona for a clarity call before you book the mediumship session. Message from Fiona: Dear Client, This work is one of the modality that is closest to my heart. I have seen friends losing family members and it hurts me to see them sad. I also experienced my mother's death right in front of my eyes. I was in my lowest point and grieved for over a year. To me, helping others process grieve and getting closure allows them to move forward in life, even if the steps are small. With the love I have for my late mother, I feel empowered to help others come into the space of love and peace through this mediumship work. This work is profound and has been very healing for myself. I hope to see you give me your trust and let me help you in your grieve and healing process. Love, Fiona

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 222 Singapore dollars
  • The Ark Studio

Cancellation Policy

To make any changes to your booking, please contact Fiona's business phone at 88221005 at least 48 hours in advance. Terms & Conditions: - Rescheduling is applicable if you fall sick with proof provided. - You are responsible to look for a replacement if you decided not to attend the session/event. - No refunds will be provided. However, bookings can be rescheduled case by case basis only.

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