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Cacao Medicina is a new 100% Ceremonial Grade Peruvian Cacao brand founded by Fiona Teo.


This is a very special and unique blend of the Theobroma genome with a mix of Cacao & Macambo. Making your cup of cacao smoother and lighter to drink. For those light drinkers, this is for you.


Fiona scoured Peru and connected with numerous cacao farmers until she discovered the ideal, ethical, and sustainable source. The Peruvian farmer, Luz, began cultivating cacao due to her passion for cacao ceremonies. Inspired to share this sacred plant medicine with her community, Luz initiated this small family farm.


This cacao blend comprises one of the oldest theobroma mutations, Criollo, and the commonly cultivated Trinitario, which can be found worldwide. Criollo is the most delicate cacao, renowned for its incredible flavor profile, representing less than 1% of the world's cacao harvest. Ethical Criollo cacao sources are hard to come by, as they are more challenging to cultivate than other cacao pod varieties. Working with Criollo cacao is indeed a blessing.


While Criollo offers a grounding taste profile, Trinitario boasts a more fruity flavor. When these flavors are blended together, they create a perfectly balanced taste.


The Macambo (Theobroma Bicolor) has recently gained popularity as a superfood. While it may be a newcomer in the superfood world, its reputation for enhancing cognitive function and elevating one's mood has been celebrated for thousands of year. This relatively undiscovered Amazonian superfood offers remarkable health advantages akin to those of its relative, the cacao bean (Theobroma Cacao).


As we know that cacao presents a bitter and acidic taste. Macambo, is completely different offering a luxurious, velvety texture with a gentle and sweet, feminine flavor. This combination is a perfect blend of the divine masculine & feminine.


In our work with Cacao Ceremonies, it is crucial to use cacaos that are closest to the source. This deepens our connection with this ancient plant medicine. Cacao has been utilized in Mesoamerica for over 5000 years. By supporting small Peruvian farmers, we also pay homage to the lands that gave birth to the Spirit of Cacao.

Peruvian Cacao & Macambo

    • Boil 180ml of liquid in a small pot, ensuring the temperature stays below 90 degrees. Avoid using animal milk!
    • Add spices or flower infusions to your liking, and consider trying Fiona's recipe tailored to different dosha types.
    • Add 20g to 25g of Cacao into the pot.
    • While stirring, burn a Palo Santo stick to connect with the Spirit of Cacao and the Elemental forces.
    • Begin calling in the Spirit of Cacao to nourish your heart and soul. Express your healing intentions out loud, and enhance the experience with soothing Cacao music if desired.
    • Invoke the Elemental Spirit to heal your mind, body, and spirit.
    • Use a frother to fully melt and blend the cacao paste, creating a creamier and more sacred drink.
    • Pour the concoction into a beautiful cup and appreciate the sacred drink in your hands.
    • Close your eyes, inhale the aroma of the cacao, feel the energy and warmth.
    • Express gratitude to Mama Cacao and savor the sacred drink.


    Important Notes:

    • Try Fiona's recipe tailored to different dosha types.
    • Boiling your liquid beyond 100 degrees may compromise the benefits and potency of the cacao.
    • Avoid using animal milk, as it can damage the minerals and antioxidants of cacao. Opt for water, nut/oat/coconut milk, or coconut water.
    • Listen to your body and adjust the dosage based on individual preferences; one recipe may not suit everyone.
    • Be cautious of overconsumption, as it may lead to contraindications such as overheating, ulcers, outbreaks, and increased acidity in the stomach, resulting in mild discomfort. 
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