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Florida Water has been mystifying and delighting generations since 1808.


Florida Water was introduced in New York City and sold in corner pharmacies as an everyday staple. The original formula and label was inspired by the enchanting properties of the famed Fountain of Youth which has remained unchanged for over 200 years.


Direct from the plants in Peru. Trusted in the Shaman and Reiki Communities. One of the best-known mystic personalities in Peru is Shaman del Norte, who uses Agua de Florida to purify, raise, flourish and clean people’s auras for psychological, physical, and emotional betterment. It also provides protection around the aura and invites good jujus into your spirit.


In addition to its beautiful floral, clean and refreshing fragrance, Florida Water has been used over the years to tone the skin, freshen the air, calm the nerves, relieve headaches, reduce fevers, prevent infection, and soothe an itching scalp. 

Peru Florida Water® (L&K)

  • There are so many ways to use Florida Water! Shaman's and Reiki Healers uses it for many healing & cleaning purposes. 

    • For Body Mist - Add 1 part of Florida Water to 3 parts of Water or Witch Hazel Water or Rose Water into a spray bottle.
    • For Space Cleansing - Add 1 part of Florida Water to 2 parts of Water.
    • Bath Tub & Showers - Adding it based on your personal liking and discretion.

    Have fun with the way you use it and share your recipe with Fiona! :D

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