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Palo Santo is a natural aromatic tree native to South America. The name translates into English as “Holy Wood”, “Saint Wood” or “Sacred Tree”. It has been used for centuries by shamans and native peoples for healing and in sacred ceremonies.


It is commonly used for cleansing the psychophysical space and directing prayers to the spirit world. Palo Santo also has a calming and relaxing effect. Healers and energy workers use it to clean people’s auras for psychological, physical, and emotional betterment.


This cologne carries a grounding and woody scent that helps a person feel centred and focused. It provides protection around the aura and invites good jujus into your spirit.

Palo Santo Cologne (L&K)

  • There are so many ways to use the Palo Santo Cologne! Shaman's and Reiki Healers uses it for many healing & cleaning purposes. 

    • For Body Mist - Pour the cologne into a spray bottle without diluting it. Spray indirectly onto your clothings if you have sensitive skin. Spray as much as you wish!
    • For Space Cleansing - Add 1 part of Palo Santo Colonge to 2 parts of Water.
    • Bath Tub & Showers - Adding it based on your personal liking and discretion.

    Have fun with the way you use it and share your recipe with Fiona! :D

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