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Sacred Wood Essence Palo Santo is single-sourced from a forest preserve in Ecuador. The best part of this magical tree is that it is sustainably harvested.


When a Palo Santo tree falls over, its journey has only begun. As the rains recede a few months later, the green Palo Santo wood begins to cure through the long dry season. Skilled foresters tag the downed tree, taking note of its age and location. Oftentimes, they plant a Palo Santo sapling beside its fallen elder. This ensures plenty for years to come.


One season is not enough. Before harvest, the tree must rest on the forest floor for at least four, and as many as ten years. Only then is the wood cut into manageable pieces and hauled by hand or on horseback to nearby villages.


Please note that not all sticks smell the same, some are stronger than others depending on where they are in the tree or how much oil is saturated in the section of that particular cut. Sticks will not stay lit like traditional incense. They will go out after a short time as they are meant to be burnt in small increments. Enjoy!

Palo Santo

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