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The Goddess Potion is a flower essence made for the awakening of our divine feminine. 


Flower Essences are liquid,  made from the fresh flower blossoms of a plant that imprints water with their energetic patterning. These vibrational remedies address the emotional, behavioural and spiritual issues that may be affecting the overall wellness. The flower essence is blended with high quality brandy as a preservative.


What are the flowers used for the Goddess Potion?


Hibiscus - Base Essence (Charged with the Sun and Full Moon energy)

Activates your divine feminine energy, the Sacral and Root Chakra. Awakening your innermost expression, creativity, passion and desires. Supporting you in giving birth to your endeavours. It brings abundance, opportunities and luck to your soul.


Sun Flower Essence (Charged with the Sun energy)

The energy of Sun Flower brings out your inner strength and provides you with the power to shine. As you shine from the inside out, you become naturally attractive, radiant and happy. 


Wishbone Flower Essence (Charged with Full Moon energy)

Fear is one of the biggest forms of blockage in our lives. It can stop us from expression and creativity. Wishbone Flower is known to help us with resolving our fears by supporting us in overcoming them. So we can live our lives to our fullest potential.


Egyptian Star Flower (Charged with Full Mon Energy)

This flower helps to dissolve any resistance to stepping into the spotlight. Feel free and comfortable in your body and be accepted just as you are. Develop energy protection and boundaries from other people's energetic fluctuations.

Goddess Potion

  • Recommended Dosage:

    • Take 3 drops in the Morning & Afternoon daily.
    • Drip under your tongue and wait for at least 30 seconds before swallowing for better absorption. 
    • Alternatively, you may drip it into your beverages.

    Please note that the Goddess Potion is a potent and strong blend. Therefore, the recommended dosage is lesser than what you normally find in other brands.


    Please observe your sleep cycles if you are trying to take it in the evening or at night time. You may be flooded with creative flow and have a hard time falling asleep. You can consume it at night only if it helps you to sleep better.


    Everyone reacts to flower essence in many different ways. There is a general consumption limit. However, you can also take the flower essence intuitively accordingly to how your heart, body and soul feel.


    You may take the Goddess Potion slightly more than the recommended dosage if you are planning a creative project, heading for a dance event, going through a transformational period or having some sort of healing process.

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